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Banking Laws

Prime Minister Decree No. (951) Promulgating the Executive Regulations of the Anti-Money Laundering Law
Executive Regulations Of The Law No. 88 of the Year 2003 of The Central Bank, The Banking Sector and Money Promulgated by the Presidential Decree No. 101 of the Year 2004
Official Journal – Issue No. 24 (bis) – Dated 15 June 2003 Law No. 88 of The Year 2003 Promulgating The Law of The Central Bank, The Banking Sector And Money, Amended by Law No. 162 of the Year 2004 and Law No. 93 of the Year 2005
Prime Minister Decree No 1599 for 2002 Regarding the Formation of the Council of Trustees of the Money laundering Combating Unit
Law No. 80 for 2002 Promulgating Anti- Money Laundering Law, Amended by Law No. 78 for 2003
Arab Republic of Egypt Presidential Decree No. 17 for 2005
Presidential Decree No 164 for 2002 Regarding the Money Laundering Combating Unit
Presidential Decree No 64 of the Year 2004 Promulgating the Statute of the Central Bank of Egypt

 Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

 Labor Laws

Definitions and General Provisions
Individual Labour Relationships
Vocational Guidance and Training
Collective Labour Relationships
Vocational Safety and Health and Ensuring Labour Environment Security
Inspection on Work, Judicial Police Authority and Penalties
Meles Bulletin

Taxation Laws

 The Minister Executive Regulations
 The Income Tax Law No. 91 Of 2005
 Facts about Tax Invoice
 General Sales Tax Law No(11) of the year 1991
 Law no. (11) of 2002 On the explanation of certain provisions of General Sales Tax Law no. 11 of 1991
Law No (17) of the year 2001 On the application of the second and the third phases of the General Sales Tax stated in the Law No 11 of the Year 1991

New Customs Tariff

 Customs Tariff According to the Amendments of The Harmonized System 2007 Issued By The Presidential Decree No 39/2007
Customs Law No. 66 of the Year 1963 As amended by law no. 95/2005 1 of

Captial Markets

Capital Markets Law no. 95 of 1992 
 Executive Regulations of Capital Market Law no. 95 of 1992


   Egypt: Amendments to the Investment Law №8/1997
Customs Law No. 66 of 1963 as amended by Law No. 95/2005
Law on Investment guarantees and Incentives


 Executive Regulations of Mortgage Finance Law no. 148 of 2001
 Mortgage Law no. 148 of 2001

Financial Leasing

   Financial Leasing Law 95 of 1995
Executive Statutes of the Law no. 95 of 1995 on Financial Lease 


 Insurance Law no. 10 of 1981


 Law number 4 of 1994 promulgating the environment law

Sources of Laws
Environment Law