The Chamber has a number of committees to deal with matters of specific interest to members, and to present their views to the Egyptian and Chinese governments.

Committees form the backbone of the council’s success. Each committee is a specific action group, working out ways to reach common goals. Committees organize forums, invite guest speakers and present position papers. A number of ministers and Chinese agencies are encouraged to set up liaison officers to facilitate communication with the council’s committees.

Every committee has a chairman and vice chairman. New committees are formed to meet members' needs. At the beginning of each year committees are revised based on market needs and opportunities. The following are the suggested committees:

Help members in lobbying with governmental authorities to resolve major obstacles and enhance the climate for economic progress and providing investment opportunities.

Work on the advancement and facilitation of industrial development and competitiveness at the fastest possible pace through: Removing the most critical impediments, introducing new ideas, and communicating opinions to decision makers.

Trade and Commerce
Addressing new topics that would help ECBC Members have better business opportunities. Focus on export opportunities to China by facilitating communication, the financial set up and follow up with the parties involved.

Creating continuous dialogue with Ministry of Foreign Trade & Industry, and contributing in issuing new laws and regulations. Lobbying on behalf of ECBC members to facilitate trade relations between Egypt and China.

Agriculture and agro-products
Establish communication channels between the Egyptian agricultural companies, agents and the Chinese counterparts.

Address the various technological advances in the agricultural sector and work on promoting them between both countries (where relevant).


The committee will include a wide variety of companies, including specialists in mobile power production, clean coal technology, oil and gas, infrastructure development, hydropower, smart grids, mining, solar, and wind solutions. One of the core goals of the Council’s Energy Committee members is helping to achieve the energy goals as laid out and improve market integration and efficiencies. By bringing such a diverse group of companies, and to contribute to that discussion and find win-win solutions and partnerships.”


Attract major companies operating in the logistics field to invest in Egypt and Work on the exchange of experiences between the two countries' transport sectors.



The Tourism Committee works to create a positive wide environment that enables tourism to grow and compete effectively in the global tourism marketplace.

Providing guidance on legislation that impacts tourism and helps determine how the Chamber can cultivate more tourism-related businesses 

Making recommendations on ways the South Carolina Chamber can best provide support to the tourism industry